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Summer of Change
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19th-Nov-2007 12:56 am - I'M BACK!! CHECK OUT MY NEW JOURNAL!
Hey everyone! I miss keeping a journal and complaining about everyday life and the internet and such. I am no longer sailormewmew, I am mintbunny!!! Go check it out now! My first entry will be about Anime USA! YAY!! I miss journaling...:P Here we go!
29th-May-2007 09:52 pm(no subject)
Not much here. Not sure where to start. I can't believe Friday is June 1. Is it really June already? That means summer!! And I'm going to buy a new swimsuit tomorrow! I can't wait! hehe Also, I don't like Star Wars, but the Lego Star Wars game is so freaking awesome (and addictive)...legos are fun....^_^ What else...my Facebook status said I was just about every emotion under the sun right now and that's true...I don't have to work for the next 2 1/2 days...I'm sad because there's a craft show on Saturday in a nearby town and I have no one to go with. >_> I have one person I might go with, but she has to call back. I'm not holding my breath, but I really wanted to go this year. I know there are plenty more throughout the summer, but this one is like the celebration of the beginning of summer and of the craft show season. *cries* Ah well...we'll see...man I miss typing like this...wish my life was more interesting so I could type like this every night. XD
23rd-May-2007 10:33 pm(no subject)
Never Give Up (Pokemon)
Ok, so I'm still alive on LJ, but it's probably going to be very random when I post an entry. Not much going on. I have a major sunburn and it hurts so badly. Saw Shrek 3 today. I thought it was really funny. I mean, as sequels go on they get a little dry (except Pirates and HP, but that's another story), but all in all, I really liked it. Um...let's see...I guess that's really it. I guess my life is really that boring since I left school. I mean, there's not much to my job besides tonight being slow and dead. X( So anyway...yeah...
18th-May-2007 09:54 pm(no subject)
Not much today. Counseling...lunch...I did a few minor things to my room...took a nap...yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, I worked tonight too. Can't think of anything of major importance to tell you. Sometimes I wonder why I left LJ. Being back is so great. ^_^
17th-May-2007 09:46 pm - Just today...
Not much here. Went and got my hair cut this morning. Man do I love my really short hair. My dad said it's the shortest I've ever gotten it cut, which must mean it looks really short. Then my grandma and I went and bought a lot of flowers for all her flower beds and then she brought me home where I did nothing for 2 hours and then slept for 3 hours which would bring us to about 7:30PM where I did the dishes and I ate dinner and now I'm here on the net. Tomorrow I have counseling in the morning, I hope to do more spring cleaning and then I work. Other than that, I'm lost deeply in thought, which is a bad place for me to be, so I'll be going now to indulge in Pokemon. And also...

My Sailor Moon wallscroll (YAY!!!)

(I won't hang it up until after I finish spring cleaning my room, that's why it's on the floor)
17th-May-2007 01:18 am - Recent News...
Just some recent news to get you caught up...^_^

1) Bought a Sailor Moon wallscroll off ebay (it's my first wallscroll)...it's seriously the best thing ever...I should take a picture as soon as I hang it up.
2) Saw Hot Fuzz earlier this evening...loved it!!
3) Saw Pan's Labyrinth...I'd rather not get into that...
4) Bought more manga...like 6 of them...>_>
5) Bought another Pokemon movie @ Suncoast (<--best store ever)...just one more movie to go and then I have all of them!!

I guess that's it. Besides all that, you're basically caught up. I'll be getting my hair cut tomorrow, and spending the day with my grandmother, I work on Friday night and then my boyfriend's graduation party is on Saturday...I work Sunday and then Monday until 2. I can't wait until next Tuesday. I'll have the day all to myself. There's that and the fact that my room is so messy because all my stuff is everywhere. I'm doing spring cleaning and I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. I have too much stuff....
13th-May-2007 09:57 pm - Hi....
Yeah, I'm back...again. *headdesk* I keep swearing I'll stick to doing LJ, but it just never happens. My life is at a standstill right now. College is out...so quite a few of my friends are gone. One lives right down the street from me, two live close by (close by yet still a little far away), three live 4 hours away and one graduated. *sigh* I really want this summer to go good for me. I love summer. I have so many things I want to do, places to go...wait...I need a new job of course. I have an idea for a book I'd absolutely love to write. Well, at least this summer will be busy. ^_^ Still working on some problems...but I feel so good right now, I'd rather not ruin it.
25th-Apr-2007 10:02 pm - *bounce*
I don't know...I feel bouncy...Pokemon Diamond is just awesome. Some of the Pokemon are seriously just downright weird. I played for like 2 hours today, took a break and then came back to it for another hour and a half. I'm happy. Even if I have to go to work, I'm still happy. Things are going good, except finding a job. Other than that, I think I've reclaimed some of the sanity I lost. Sadly, I'll probably lose it again, but whatever. I got new anime to watch (which I just can't describe how incredibly awesome that is and how terribly happy that makes me!!!!!) I'm glad to be getting back into LJ. I guess that's it for tonight. I hope to get on YIM sometime soon, but I still don't spend all that much time on the internet. I mean, I'm on way more than I used to, but still not as much. But now I must go...I have more Pokemon to catch...
22nd-Apr-2007 09:45 pm - Diamonds are a girl's best friend...
Friends Forever (Pokemon)
Pokemon Diamond owns my soul...just picked it up this afternoon. What I like about it, is that I don't know anything about it. All of the new Pokemon will be a total surprise for me! YAY! *loves DS* *loves Pokemon* *is kind of creeped out at some of the new Pokemon...but still...* I'm actually quite happy. I mean, I'm actually really really happy when I'm playing it. It's almost like an entire different Heather than some of you know. I enjoy playing it; it definitely gives me a break from a lot of stuff that is ruining my life these days. I know a few of you know I said I hated RPGs, but this is a total lie. They're cool. I also went into a bookstore today and didn't buy a single manga...now that scares me. *needs more manga* Any suggestions on series I should check out? Genre doesn't matter, I'm open for anything. ^_^ Hell, I'm open for suggestions for new anime to check out. Stuff like that is still the only thing that keeps me sane. Yay for the sanity I still have left.
21st-Apr-2007 10:08 pm - I'm back...maybe....
No, you are not imagining things...the last time I wrote in here was February 14th. I've been meaning to come back here, but I guess I just stopped coming. I really wanted to keep up with all of you and all my LJ communities, but nothing ever happens in my life anymore so I find no reason to update this thing. The only thing I keep updated lately is my status on Facebook. My life is at a stay still right now. Nothing going on yet so much is going on. There is so much going on with me that it's driving me insane. I can't enjoy myself anymore unless I'm in the company of my friends, and even that is starting to go away. Not that I don't like my friends anymore...I love my friends, it's just not being at school, I feel so far away and left out of everything especially with the randomness of my job (which I don't have a new one yet). I'm drowning in a sea of emotions right now and I really don't know how much longer I can live in it.
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